Friday, August 7, 2009

Things to do with Vintage Buttons

I have such a collection of lovely vintage mother-of-pearl and bakelite buttons - I'd been thinking about making hair slides out of them, as it seems a shame to leave them in a tin. Anyway, it occurred to me to have a look on etsy for inspiration...

1. Vintage Button Pin $19.00 by MalcolmStudioShop 2. Vintage other-of-pearl button barrette $24.00 by Lorimarsha 3. Vintage Buttons Heart Brooch $11.00 by madewhilstlistening2 4. Silvestra Hairpin $16.50, by BazaarLatino 5. Lorna Vintage Button Pin $18.00 by TwoHandToo 6. Blue & mother-of-pearl button ring $15.00 by Flutterbudget 7. Summer's Delight Bobby Pins $10.50 by BazaarLatino 8. Vintage Button Pendant $10.00 by quillavenuestudios 9. Embellished Shoulder Bag $45.00 by Nordicart

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