Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today in 1941

I found these wonderful diaries from 1941 and 1942, in a box of stuff at Mummy's last week - they must have come from a house clearance or something. They belonged to a London girl who was 19 in 1941, and the entries of everyday life during the Blitz are just soooo charming! I've been typing up the whole thing, and even though it's now nearly 1:30 am I'm finding it so fascinating that I just can't put it down! She starts 1941 regularly seeing a boy called Freddie, but met Don a few months into the year, and since I know she ends up marrying Don I'm eagerly watching the story unfold!

Her entry for Wednesday, 27th August, 1941 (she was on holiday in Blackpool):

Went out looking at the shops with Gladys. Went to the Pictures in pm. Planes collided & crashed on Central Station. 15 killed. Saw wreckage. Pelted with rain in pm. Went dancing in the Winter Gardens.

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  1. How very interesting! Sounds like an amazing read :)


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