Friday, December 18, 2009

Vintage Figures


I accidentally bought yet another dress. In my defence, a) it's wool and has sleeves, so good for winter, and b) it's so hard to resist when clothes come up in my fit! With my measurements it's very hard to find modern clothes to suit my hourglass shape - clothes that fit my bust and hips are invariably far too big on the waist, and make me look awful. Various factors, principally diet, lifestyle and lighter foundation garments, women have much higher waist-hip ratios (meaning a straighter figure) than 60 years ago, and this is reflected in modern sizing. Vintage-style brands such as What Katie Did base their sizing on vintage sizing, and define a vintage figure as "one with a waist measurement 10 inches or more smaller than the hips". As 1940s-50s - the period epitomised by Dior's New Look - is hands down my favourite fashion era, it works out great for me that I was obviously designed to wear vintage clothing from this time!


  1. Ooooh Fabulous

    nad xx

  2. I have the exact same issue, even is I had wanted to wear something modern, it just looks awful. Pretty much anything from the 50s fits like it was custom made ;) We must have very similar measurements!


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