Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Clothes!

Every vintage gal needs a bomshell dress! I'm gradually increasing my collection of cold-weather-appropriate clothing - this one's cosy wool, handmade in the 50s, and a perfect fit! It arrived today along with my lovely 1940s Forstmann jacket. The jacket, though it doesn't quite fit the bill of the perfect jacket, is all the same rather marvellous, and a great example of the inventive tailoring of the 40s - check out the crossover collar and matching pocket detail - adorable! Frosty weather photo shoot.

I'm buying practically all my vintage from the US at the moment - it's so hard to find affordable quality vintage in the UK - is it because we threw everything out in the postwar quest for modernisation or subsequent "declutterings", or perhaps it's because we've been "doing vintage" for so long that all the good stuff is already a treasured part of someone's vintage wardrobe? Whatever the reason, vintage stores are invariably expensive (even for ugly 60s-70s synthetics), and whenever something good comes up on ebay UK the bids spiral out of control, whereas it's still eminently possible to bag a bargain on etsy or ebay.com (they would be even better value if it weren't for the $30 priority shipping charges, since most sellers now refuse to use an untracked service - as do I, but Royal Mail signed-for only costs about half that).

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