Monday, January 11, 2010

Cherry Picking


Top: Vintage navy hat with cherries; Vintage 50s fruity wedge shoes; Vintage 70s cherry sweater
Centre: Vintage chocolate cherry candies box; 50s vintage cherry cardigan; 1940s cherry straw hat
Bottom: Lucite bow & cherries brooch; 80s vintage cherry pin-up dress; Cherry sequin ruby slippers


  1. That's what is missing in my wife's collection of vintage accessories: a navy hat. She has it all: 50's and 60's cocktail dresses, satin and velvet gloves, restyled Forever Young wigs, vintage jewelry, even retro ties and purses. But she doesn't have a navy hat, not even a single one. I bet that's gonna be her goal this year: find vintage navy hats. Vintage is back, right Charlotte? Right!


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