Sunday, January 10, 2010

Essential Lingerie


Following from my Vintage Capsule Wardrobe post the other day, I felt I ought to address the issue of essential lingerie too...

  • Corset or girdle. I've got a cheap corset, which is perfectly fine, but I'm saving up for one with properly gored hips by What Katie Did. Which also brings us to...

  • The Bullet Bra. For the sweater girl silhouette. Love What Katie Did's Harlow Bra.

  • French Knickers. Down with the thong! Nothing beats silk French knickers for figure-flattery and pin-up appeal! I like Marks & Spencer's modern take on the French Knicker, in silk.

  • Seamed stockings - and something to hold them up with. I'm selling off some original vintage fully fashioned nylons in my ebay shop. A few places do suspender-knickers, which I quite like.

  • Full petticoat. An indispensable accessory for full-skirted 50s fashions. Am v excited about the cherry trim red slip I just purchased!

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  1. Your so right if the foundations are wrong it can all come tumbling down!


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