Friday, January 1, 2010

Fabulous Forties

I love the fifties. I do. I love the movies, the glamour and the whimsey, and I've been crazy about fifties interior design for a long while, but I do find fifties dresses kind of... well... you'll hate me for saying this, but... samey. There are two basic styles - slim-fitting and full-skirted, and dress patterns of the fifties show little variance. They seem to lack the innovation, the structure and the detailing of the 1940s. Forties dress patterns just seem to have that extra je ne sais quoi, whether it's a bit of ruching here, a shaped seam there, a scalloped edge or a hip swag, there's so often a little something to add a touch of drama.

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  1. Have thought the same lately, 40's dresses seam more deliberate.


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