Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Five Things to Like About Winter

Well, the weather outside is still pretty frightful, so I like to remind myself of the little things that make winter bearable - the things that make cold weather worthwhile.

1. Knee-high socks and patterned tights. I love Marks & Spencer's new lace knee-highs, which should keep me going until my dear sister finishes the pair she's knitting me. And okay, so they're not really "vintage", but I can't get enough of polka dot, argyle, diamond, and lace patterned tights. I loved Twila's vertical stripe tights I went and ordered myself a pair!

2. Winter fabrics. Tweed is one of my favourite fabrics - so much fun to wear, and reserved for the cooler months. Every self-respecting vintage gal ought to have a touch of tweed in her wardrobe. Same goes for fur (faux or real), leopard print and corduroy (my winter coat is a soft black corduroy with corde buttons).

3. Hats! Cold weather is the perfect excuse (for those of us who aren't quite bold enough to leave the house in a flamingo hat) to dress up our heads. Though my new favourite hat did prompt my mother to query whether it was "necessary to look like a movie extra". Fact remains, I have never been complimented so often on my appearance as when I'm wearing a hat.

4. High heels. Because they usually require tights, high heels just don't work as well for summer. I would really love a pair of original 1940s heels, but I'm hoping to go to Vietnam sometime, and get some repro shoes made up for me there.

5. Christmas! Of course.

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