Saturday, January 23, 2010

Movie Date - Gilda

Perfect Saturday - long lie-in, breakfast in bed with fruit smoothie in a martini glass, and my new Gilda DVD. Smooth.

The movie was great. It lives up to the film noir genre - kind of dark, and with not terribly likeable protagonists. It kind of annoyed me that it never bothers to explain why Gilda and Johnny hate each other so much (well, it reveals that he's the one who left her, but doesn't say why). But it's full of eye candy gowns, and those wonderful 40s phrases like "case the joint" (I love using the word "joint") and "cock-eyed" and "gay". Plus of course Rita Hayworth is a goddess! I love that the pin-ups of the 40s were shaped like real women (according to The Internet, she measured about 36-24/25-36, but I suspect that in this movie she was slightly larger than that). On-screen sexuality was so much steamier in those days - the "Put The Blame On Mame, Boys" scene (of which Matin immediately requested a re-enactment) positively sizzled, even though all she removed were her gloves.

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