Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day Sweater Girl


I love Argyle sweaters! I went into town to do some snowy photos and bring Matin his lunch. Just round the corner from his work I found this blue door which I decided to use as a background, and just as I started taking pictures I got a phonecall: "er, honey, what are you doing?" His colleagues had spotted me from the office window. I think he was quite embarrassed.

I also love fascinators - I tie my hair up a lot (really really need to go get that haircut - there's just far too much hair at the moment), which means a hat won't go over it, but having something on my head does make an outfit feel more complete. Today was all about the fascinators - I wore one as a corsage, and my feather headband (you can't see in the picture, but some of the feathers have polka dots in hot pink and turquoise, so it matches the sweater).

Cashmere mix argyle sweater, in my wardrobe for many years, originally from Marks & Spencer; My trusty black satin pencil skirt; Silk rose & feather fascinator worn as corsage, Feather fascinator headband, Accessorize.

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