Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vintage Shopping in Lincoln


Had a wonderful time shopping in Tasty Vintage (recommended by Queens of Vintage). The owner is a vintage collector, and you can tell the shop's stock is cherry-picked, not like most "vintage" shops which are basically racks of 70s and 80s polyester (though of course there is a certain thrill of discovery when you pull a hidden gem from a pile of polyester), and beautifully presented. I absolutely couldn't resist a 1930s velvet peplum jacket with matching hat - how awesome is that?! And a 1950s vibrant cobalt blue wool party dress. Plus I had fun trying on all the wonderful hats - I was tempted by a Robin Hood green felt hat with a tiny real bird on it - v fabulous, but it didn't suit me unfortunately.

There are also several secondhand bookshops along Steep Hill - I could have spent literally hours browsing in them, but we were pressed for time. I did buy half a dozen 1940s Picture Post magazines from one, which are a joy to browse (not least for the vintage adverts - easily as interesting as the articles, probably even more so!). I also indulged in these fabulous pin-up girl glasses from one of the various antique and curio shops. The transfers are very delicate (one of them started to flake off as I gently washed them), but they're so cute!

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