Friday, February 26, 2010

30s Chic

The sweater I bought in a charity shop, intending to list it on ebay (this seems to be a recurring theme with me!). It's modern, but I think the ruched sleeves make it look rather 1930s. Can I consider myself to be "dressing vintage" if nothing I'm wearing is actually vintage? The only original vintage thing I'm wearing is the celluloid bow brooch, which I love - it's so unusual.

Don't ask what's going on with the hair! I just sort of twisted and pinned it (with an uber-kitsch candy clip, because that's the one I had to hand after twisting it!), I don't know what it's meant to be. I have such trouble with my hair because it's so long and thick. So today I finally bit the bullet, and plucked up the courage to phone and book a "Hair Masterclass" at Nina's Hair Parlour, which specialises in vintage and retro styles - the masterclass includes a cut and set, and they teach you three different hair styles. The lovely lady I spoke to (Leila I think), will even give me advice on how to style my hair to wear with hats! V excited.

In fact I've a lot to be excited about today - you won't hear from me over the weekend as I'm off to Torquay with Mr. Matin. Torquay is where Agatha Christie grew up, so I have great plans to visit Poirot and Miss Marple locations. But not, to my disappointment, Agatha Christie's own house, which is closed for off-season until next week :( I would also have liked to visit Burgh Island - the Art Deco hotel is a setting (and filming location) for at least two mysteries.

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