Thursday, February 25, 2010

Carnival Colours

Time for some colour! This is the dress I bought in Lincoln, which I love - all £70 worth! I wear it a lot, but somehow I've never managed to photograph it for an outfit post. I love going wild and pairing it with my multicolour scarf and hot pink gloves - and a secret extra touch of hot pink in the petticoat!

The lovebirds necklace and brooch were both gifts from Matin - I dropped some not-very-subtle hints that I would like lovebirds jewellery for Valentines, and he got me these, plus an entwined hearts brooch.

Dress, Tasty Vintage; Feather fascinator, Accessorize; Scarf & gloves, Christmas gifts; Jewellery, Valentines gifts; Petticoat, ebay

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