Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Final Figure Beauty (1946)

Continuing the vintage fitness series comes this piece from "Everywoman" magazine July 1946. Sorry not to bring you any exciting outfit photo collages, but I'm visiting Mother, and I've spent the entire day holed up in the attic sifting through ephemera, magazines and newspapers. There's a veritable treasure trove up there - a large proportion of it comes from the estate of a 90-something-year-old lady who lived in the family home, and amongst the newspapers are special editions dating back to Queen Victoria's Jubilee! I can see a lot of scanning to come in the next few weeks...

Meanwhile, I'm watching Miss Marple! My lovely housemates, as wonderful as they are, are not fans of retro mystery dramas, so it's a treat to sit back and indulge in the vintage fashion. Aww I've just realised this episode has the back story about Miss Marple's lost love - she saw her sweetheart onto the train as he headed off to the Great War, and never came back. My own great aunt, Daddy's Aunt Nettie, suffered the same fate. She too never married, but the two brilliant cut diamonds from her engagement ring were recently remade into my sister's engagement ring, so at least there's a romantic end to their tragic story.

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