Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jewellery Box

I love vintage jewellery, but I so often forget to add it to my outfits - I'm trying to incorporate it into more of my looks. My small everyday jewellery collection is stored in a vintage 1950s Las Vegas souvenir card box (the interior is divided in two). I got the box from a charity shop and was planning to list it in my ebay shop, but it makes such a cute jewellery box! Anyway, on to the contents (plus a few items which are stored in my other jewellery box, a hexagonal burr walnut box which my Godfather gave me for I think my 15th birthday).

So, in vaguely Z-shaped order from top left:
  • Vintage hard plastic necklace, gift from mother
  • 1930s kirby grips & 1940s hair slides on card, International Quality Kitsch
  • 1950s gold plastic swallows brooch, Just Jake and Me
  • faux pearl and rhinestone brooch, gift from my sister
  • red plastic beads, charity shop
  • Celluloid bow brooch, gift from mother
  • 1950s Swiss bone necklace, boot fair
  • Vintage cream plastic rosebud beads, boot fair
  • Plastic cherry earrings, purchased in Thailand
  • Red swallows brooch, Distracto Girl
  • Vintage jet birds buckle, Squirrel Antiques, Chichester

A note on the two kissing swallows brooches - the gold one is an original 1950s piece, and the red a modern reproduction made in celluloid thermoplastic from an original vintage mould by Distracto Girl.


  1. Awww! I love those birdies! Great collection, I was just trying to take pictures of mine today too!

  2. I recently got on a bird kick. When I was decorating my daughter's nursery this summer, I started loading it with tons of birds, especially from my great grandmother's owl collection! Love the swallows brooches! So pretty!


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