Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last night I dreamt I was a time traveller

I really did! I was in 1940s London, and I had something important to do (I can't remember what it was, as is the nature of dreams), but I kept thinking that once I'd finished this vital task, how wonderful it would be to take some of the 40s dresses back with me to the future to wear and sell!

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  1. Oh!! that would be great!! You know, I always dream awake that I'm a time traveler, I started doing it when I was about 11 years olds or so, BUT last night I had a REAL dream about time traveling...but it was because I was watching a movie named "The time traveler's wife"....which by the way should've the name of "When I wrote it I was high" SO because of being watching this film I had that dream!! just that I didn't travel to the 40's or 50's....I just did to the 80's..........


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