Friday, February 26, 2010

{Style Inspiration} Rose Pink and Royal Red (1953)

Not enough people wear red and pink together. I adore crazy colour combinations (see yesterday's outfit of bright cobalt blue with hot pink), and I think red with pink looks absolutely marvellous (hey, it matches my blog's colour scheme!).

From Woman's Own magazine, April 1953:

Pink for femininity, as the unrivalled foil to the English complexion, as the colour of parties. Pink is the colour for everyone, right for dull days and summer days, for simple cotton dresses or the most formal sweeping evening dress.

Red, vivid, rich and royal, is almost as basic a colour for spring-to-summer days as black or white, and is used for suits, silk dresses and evening wear. It's a very positive colour that takes white accessories or jet jewellery, and can be as versatile as you like to make it.

So take this season the pinks and reds for colour, mix and mingle them. Use two tones together or try unconventional mixtures such as raspberry and sugar pink, pearl pink and cyclamen, or orchid and deep red.

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  1. I adore red and pink together as well. What's interesting is that pink was originally a color meant for little boys as it was thought too spirited for little girls and blue more suitable to their calmer natures. I'm not sure how the switcharoo came about but I'm glad it did... : }


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