Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday strolls

We went to the car boot fair, at which I bought a couple of 1920s photos and a few cards of buttons - not what I would call worth getting up at 7am for. Especially as it started to rain so everyone packed up. Afterwards we went to Arundel for elevenses. I love Arundel - even the name is evocative of medieval knightly chivalry - we'll go up to the castle one of these weekends, when the weather's brighter. We browsed the antique shops (well, I browsed. Matin waited patiently, then impatiently, then chatted to a toy dog called Stan who was Not For Sale), but Arundel is always expensive because it's where wealthy Fulham folk go to buy antiques.

We talked to the owner of one shop about vintage clothing, and she said there were specialist vintage clothing shops in Worthing, so Matin said we could go there. I had a bit more success in Worthing than at the boot fair - I got a couple of vintage card games at a curio shop, and a vintage wool skirt from a charity shop, which will go up for sale (I'm thinking of starting an etsy shop - I'm becoming a bit bored with ebay). Then we strolled along the promenade (rather more understated than Brighton's Palace Pier)

I'm totally uncoordinated and lacking in lipstick because I dressed for the boot fair, not the real world! Beret, Accessorize; Sweater, charity shop; 1940s skirt, Exquisite Bones; Boots, Clarks, many moons ago; Polka dot scarf, gift.

Graphic from Tuppence HaPenny RetroBats.

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  1. You bought that skirt?! it looks lovely on you. I really like your blog <3


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