Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Victorian Gothic

Irene Adler's hat in Sherlock Holmes inspired me! I've mixed it up with a bit of Japanese Goth - when I went to Japan last year I thought the goths and Lolitas around Harajuku were so fabulous I bought this coat dress in a Harajuku boutique.

1940s-50s rose hat, ebay; Glass heart pendant, gift; Red top, hand-me-down; Goth dress, boutique in Harajuku, Tokyo.

I took this photograph after spending a lot of time hanging out in the metro station hoping to capture one of the Lolitas!


  1. I love your outfits. U R really interesting person. Each and every note there is fantastic. You are my inspiration. Sorry for my language is not really good :P

  2. That picture you took is awesome! It looks really cool :) I always try to do stuff like that but it never turns out right. Very inspiring...I think I might take my camera out later today.


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