Friday, March 5, 2010

1940s Hair!

After browsing the wonderful vintage clothes in the vintage & antique shops in Church Street and Alfie's Antique Market (at equally fantastic prices!) I made my way up the stairs to Nina's Parlour and was greeted by Leila. We'd already discussed the look I was after on the phone (and I'd warned her how thick my hair is!), so she already had an idea of what she was going to do. She layered my hair around the front in the style of the 1940s. My hair was sooo long - fully six inches came off in places! She was worried I was going to be concerned to see so much come off, but I was super excited that my hair was going to be so much lighter (elbow-length, thick hair weighs an absolute ton - you can't imagine!), and easier to style. Then she showed me where to part it for the victory rolls, then how to use curling tongs (v time consuming) and flexible hot sticks (which I'm definitely going to get a set of!). And then we learned how to do victory rolls! It's definitely going to take some practice to get them right, but Leila was very sweet about my amateur efforts. Leila was ever so good - she showed me how to position the rolls to wear with hats (and how to pin the hats securely in place). And she took plenty of pictures of me with my lovely retro hair style.

Hat, Head Hunter Boutique (I think!); 1930s-40s peplum top, ebay; Check skirt, charity shop; Black tights with red backseam, ebay.


  1. Ahhh, those rolls look fantastic! So perfect and smooth! I wish I had a hairdresser like Nina nearby!

  2. Tuppence H'appeny is a lovely Blog and very nostalgic for one who was a tiny child in the early years of the 50's. Keep your dreams flowing
    Best wishes LD Australia


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