Monday, March 15, 2010

The 1953 Diet - Day 1

Okay, so in order to achieve my 1940 perfect statistics and - most importantly - make it easier to find vintage clothes to fit, I need to lose about two and a half inches, give or take. Which shouldn't be unachievable (how many lb equals an inch? It's only one dress size, anyway). I found this diet menu plan in a 1953 magazine, which I hope will make a good kick start my inch-loss. And to encourage me to stick to a diet of any kind I'm making it into a blog project.

So far so good! I didn't eat my egg for breakfast, so I had it for lunch. And now I'm going to have my 1/2 grapefruit as an afternoon snack!


  1. Wow, good luck! I find it so impossible to follow strict diets. I used to be kinda... shall we say ample in high school and one thing that really helped was eliminating carbs from dinner. I know, I know, annoying, but thought I'd put that out there. That being said, you are beautiful as is but you should do whatever makes you most comfortable with yourself.

  2. Wow a 1953 diet plan! Thats awesome, Goodluck!!


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