Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beside the Seaside... in the Winter!

We're very lucky to live on the south coast - we get the most average sunshine days in the country, and it's so nice being a short drive from seaside towns like Brighton and the soft sandy beach of West Wittering. I'm so looking forward to spending summer days there in a few months. Check out the beach huts! In the meantime we braved the chilling sea breeze for a walk along the sands. I love this dress - it was bargain of the year from the sale rail in a vintage shop in Brighton (can't remember the name). And my solo victory roll (solo both in the sense that I did it myself, and in the sense of only one - Matin liked the way that the one roll looked!) held up pretty well.

40s/50s dress, Brighton; Polka dot cardigan, M&S ages ago; 50s petticoat, charity shop; 30s celluloid brooch, gift from Mother.


  1. What gorgeous pictures! Here in St Louis, we're landlocked except for the muddy Mississippi-*yuck* The beach huts are adorable. Your dress is gorgeous!!


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