Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dress Project

Perhaps I should start actually working on some projects instead of just coming up with new ones...

Last night I got a consignment of vintage clothes belonging to a friend of my housemate, to sell on commission. Some of her stuff is just sooo fabulous, but sadly it's all too small for me! I completely fell in love with two dresses in particular and I've been playing around with ways of making them fit (losing a couple of inches - more on that tomorrow - will also help).

The first is this 50s sundress with the most adorable novelty coathanger print. The main problem is that basically it doesn't zip up, so I'm thinking of just finding a way of working with the resulting deep-V back (I tried it on again since sketching the above ideas, and the V doesn't have to be quite so deep as I drew it - it'll stop a couple of inches above the waist). I thought initially of just making a triangular insert to fill in the V, and using matching fabric to make a sailor collar (a V-neck is much better on me than a high neckline, plus it would add an extra inch or so of room in the front) and perhaps a patch pocket on the front... Then I thought about maybe keeping the open V back, but adding a bow across the back where the bra band sits.

I dunno - thoughts??


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I have about 5 projects sitting around and I keep thinking of more. I do plan on sewing today! I also force things to fit by doing some alterations. I love the sailor collar idea and the bow in the back would be adorable! I can't wait to see pics when its done!!

  2. Personally I vote for an open low back because I find those very alluring. I'm not sure if a bow might detract from the coat hanger print? Super cute find either way

  3. The problem is there's no way I can go braless! I wonder about one or maybe two plain strips of fabric across the V - both for structure and to hide the bra strap. Hmm...

  4. Oh, I totally forgot about that factor (I'm very small busted so...) Then maybe the bow or fabric inserts are the best solution if it could be positioned in such a way that it covered the bra strap. Or what about if you wore a very nice bustier, camisole or corset type undergarment that you wouldn't mind peeking out from the deep V in the back? (In Oregon it's totally ok to expose your undergarments and even wear ripped hosiery but I realize a more polished look is generally preferred).


I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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