Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The hat I didn't wear today

The sun was shining bright when I got up this morning - v exciting. I put on a short-sleeved dress to celebrate. I've amassed a small collection of cherry hats now. I've been dying for the chance to get them out, but today was not to be the day - it clouded over at lunchtime, and anyway it's freezing so I felt I'd look a bit silly in such a springy hat, and put it away.

I met with Joanna in town and went charity shop hopping. Bit of a disappointing result all round, until we got to Cats Protection and the nice lady - who remembers me as "the one who dresses retro" - had kept back a cute feather cocktail hat and a funny little sailor hat for me! So sweet.


  1. What an adorable hat! Cherries are so cheery!

    Spring will be here before you know it ;)

  2. Lovely hat. I love the title of this post.
    -Andi x

  3. I just discovered your blog, and I'm having lots of fun exploring! I'm working on increasing my hair styling skills and building my hat collection. (Currently I'm at.... two. Gotta start somewhere, haha!) I love all your hats, especially your cherry hats! They're so cute, and they're great inspiration for hair and outfit styling. Your posts have been really helpful!


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