Friday, March 12, 2010


I need to curb my shopping habit. So, I've decided I need to make a wishlist of specific things I really really want in my life, so rather than just buying everything I see in my size, the plan is that I will optimise my wardrobe (see 1949 Capsule Wardrobe), and concentrate my expenditure on buying only the best and most useful pieces. Although, one can never have too many 1940s day dresses...

My Wishlist (in no particular order):
  • The Perfect 1940s Suit. It's not easy finding a 40s fitted suit in B38/w28 - but easier than finding a modern suit jacket that fits without bunching at the waist in the back! I may have just received the Almost-perfect suit in the mail, but beige is sooo not my colour, so I'm going to try and dye it navy.
  • 1930s Sweater. I just want one.
  • The Perfect Red Cardigan. So many times, I find myself thinking that just what this outfit needs is a red cardigan!
  • Bakelite Jewellery. Every self-respecting vintage gal ought to have at least one piece of bakelite jewellery - I'd love just a simple bangle, or a cute brooch.
  • The Perfect 1940s Shoes. Although I'm very happy with vintage style shoes, I would love to own just one pair of original vintage 40s fabulous shoes. (Actually I'm in the process of collating shoe adverts from my vintage magazine collection, for a post on 1940s-50s shoes).
  • Red Fitted Blazer. Or even better, a red and white candy-stripe fitted blazer. Just because!
  • Sailor Uniform. After seeing Solanah's sailor jacket I wanna make me one of those!
  • The Perfect 40s A-line skirt. Also, the Perfect 50s Pencil Skirt.
  • Some simple little cocktail hats for when I don't feel like wearing a full hat.
  • 40s/50s Novelty Print Blouse. How can my wardrobe possibly be considered complete without one?
  • The Perfect 1950s Wiggle Dress.
  • Retro Swimsuit - probably a repro one from For Luna. Would LOVE an amazing 1940s/50s top-and-shorts sun suit too, but it's not exactly a priority.
  • 1930s Day Dress. Just because I'd really like a 1930s day dress in my wardrobe.
  • What Katie Did Corset.
I don't ask for much...


  1. Great list I think I have at least half these items on my wish list.

    What is with red cardigans, I have tons of cardigans in many shades. But I have never been able to find that perfect red one, no matter how many thrift stores I rummage.


  2. This sounds almost exactly like my birthday wishlist on! It's full of fabulous vintage finds from this amazing shop down the street from my apartment and from Etsy. And I agree, vintage suits are very hard to fit.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog (can't believe it took me so long!), it is now one of my absolute favourites!! I love the bright colour-scheme, and you are amazing at photoshopping!! I have actually been looking for a 40s suit now for quite a while, I'm having similar problems. What is it about suits that just doesn't fit right ever? Basically, I love the blog, and the graphics of old-fashioned letters, I wish post still looked like that! Sorry for such a ridiculously long comment,
    Carys (

  4. This is a really good idea. I need to sort of exactly what I 'need', too.
    -Andi x


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