Thursday, April 15, 2010

The acessories maketh the outfit

So I put on my new fabby parasol print sundress (it's slightly too big, and also a little longer than I like to wear - will try to make some alterations sometime), added my black jacket (with my homemade bow pin still attached from the last time I wore it) and found myself thinking, for about the 50th time, "what this ensemble really needs is a red bangle". And this time I actually decided to do something about it. I treated myself to a nice set of three from H&M. I also indulged in another hair flower - so huge it practically counts as a hat! I'm happy.

Ooh, and I also debuted my new lipstick, it's a soft coral shade - I wanted to have an alternative to bright red, something lighter for warm days when red might be a bit overwhelming. Today wasn't actually one of those days (red would have gone fine with my bright outfit), but I couldn't find my red one. I think it's in one of my handbags.

1950s Parasol novelty print dress, Vintage Critter; Jacket and belt, both hand-me-downs from Joanna; Red polka dot bow, handmade; Clutch, Charity shop; Red bangles, H&M; Flower, New Look; Vintage petticoat, Charity shop.


  1. gorgeous ensemble and you're right, it -did- need a red bangle! The coral is a great idea for summer! I have a tube of coral also and it's such a pretty color, very natural.

  2. Red accessories always work.I especially love red shoes (have about 12 pairs!) You should get some to match this outfit - would look great with the bag and bangle :)


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