Friday, April 30, 2010

Beauty on Holiday (1954)

Here's one I prepared earlier...

While I'm having fun in the sun, here are some tips for summer skincare and beauty!

Happy beach-wear colour: vivid pink -- coral or shocking --vital and exciting. To wear with it, brighter pink lipsticks: Rose Coral, Forest Fire or Lido Venice Pink under Paradise Pink.

You're different from seven o'clock on: siren instead of sea-sprite. Lotion make-up stands up best to heat, creamy shades are cool-looking. Mascara, of course, and dark-touch sun-bleached brows. For adding depth to eyes: Yardley's new violet eye-shadow. Hair sun-streaked? Accent streaks with Raymond's hair lustre: gold, copper, silver. Add your most exciting lip-colour -- prettiest with a sun-gold skin.

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  1. Wow, this is wonderful and very interesting.... waterproof makeup in 1954, I had no idea! Some good suggestions for a holiday by the sea no matter the decade. Thanks so much for sharing!


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