Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brighton Beach

The sunshine just keeps on coming! I don't think it's rained all month - a bit out of character for "April Showers" Britain. So after a boot fair trip in the a.m. (semi successful - bought a couple of 1950s boomerang dishes, a vintage red vanity case (love vintage luggage!), some jewellery and three dresses for my shop) we hooked up with friends and headed to the beach. Did I mention how much I love living on the south coast? Despite the sunshine the wind has a distinct chill (it's still only April, after all), but that doesn't stop Britons from flocking to the seaside. Brighton is such a classic British seaside resort - complete with pebbles, beach huts, deckchairs, windbreaks and barbecues.

1940s-50s Dress, vintage shop in Brighton; Hat, ebay; Belt, Thailand; Coat, White Stuff; Lucite daisy brooch, Squirrel Antiques in Chichester; Shoes, Yoma.

All vintage seaside pics from Lovedaylemon's Vintage Seaside Flickr set.


  1. I was about to say, are all beaches in England so... pebbly?

    Gorgeous outfit, by the way - I particularly love that jacket/hat combo.

  2. How did you get all those 1920s-looking people to pose looking, well so 1920s? The little girl on the pebbles reminded me a bit of you. At that age. Dddy

  3. Hey, Brighton is one of my favorite pebble beach in England. No, all the beaches in England are not pebbly. Bamburgh is very beautiful sandy beach. It lies on the Northumberland. Bournemouth situated in the South West, has a range of sandy beaches with great views and I am going for it in coming weekend :-).


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