Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{Style Inspiration} Change and Change About (1950)

A dress with interchangeable yokes - what a brilliant idea!

May we introduce our "quick-change" frock -- the frock that transforms its character just as soon as you can say "buttons"? For preference, it's a dark-complexioned frock -- perhaps in navy or fir-green shantung, or clerical grey linen-weave rayon. Belted and full-skirted, as you see, it has a centre flare pleat, a sleekly fitting bodice and dear little magyar sleeves. But the five-starred feature is its bertha-shaped neck, encircled with neatly tailored buttonholes. Team it (A) with a yoke of cloudy grey organdie, its fullness eased into a neckband of narrow binding finished with bow and long trailing ends of narrow velvet ribbon. Button on the butterfly-wing revers of crisp white piqué (D), and wear it with a Dutch bonnet, gloves and Dorothy bag to tone, and you're precisely city-bound. Then, when you wear the dress yokeless (E), with a cherry ribbon twining through the buttonholes, you're a sophisticated belle at a summer evening dance. Again, at weekends, maybe, you'll step forth in a pleated bib-and-tucker (C) of lilac shantung, topped with a spreading picture hat. Finally, you'll rifle Granny's precious rag-bag for a cutting of fresh white Broderie Anglaise, stitched with fairy-light fingers, and make it into the little vest (B), and so the dress takes on a delicate air for extra special dates noted in your diary.

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  1. That is an amazing idea!! I'm going to try this out and work it into some Miss Lottie Lou designs!
    Lottie x


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