Thursday, April 8, 2010

DIY Vintage Earrings

Some time ago I had an idea to make some earrings - I love kitschy vintage earrings, but a) they're often expensive, and b) they're usually clip-on or screwback, which I find uncomfortable. I bought some vintage Japanese celluloid cabochons from Etsy... I got a card of 24 hard plastic sailor buttons from ebay... I picked up some packages of 1930s handpainted plastic buttons at the local Antiques & Collectables Fair... And today my sterling silver earring posts arrived, so I've been busily creating! This is just the start - we've been rearranging the room over the last few days, so I've temporarily mislaid most of my Japanese cabochons, but I've been hacksawing and sanding the shanks off buttons, and supergluing posts on the backs to make my lovely earrings! I've more of the coral roses and the blue buttons, which will go on Etsy (or possibly into a giveaway - hmm...)


  1. I love them! They are adorable and so unique! I love vintage buttons and I have a ton with only one or two matches so that's a great way to use them up! The red ones are my favorite, I think! The colors on those buttons are beautiful!

  2. How beautiful, such a lovely idea! Bravo xx

  3. these are so beautiful and such a great idea. Absolutely precious.


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