Thursday, April 1, 2010

Miss Popular

Introducing the cutest little boy in the whole wide world, aka my darling nephew, Teddy (there's lots about his adventures over on my sister's blog). I was babysitting today while his parents moved house, and he decided that the best game ever (actually the second best game - best game ever is opening and shutting doors) was playing with the self-timer on the camera. I now have a lot of pictures of us. And check out the print on my newly arrived rayon outfit! I wasn't actually wearing this today - it's the first purchase of my latest novelty prints kick to arrive (must. stop. spending.) and I was trying it on.

Also, another award! Aren't I just Miss Popular? Gabriella on Sewing Is Hard was sweet enough to call me inspirational! She's a bit of an inspiration herself to be honest - far more dedicated to the whole sewing malarky than I can be bothered with.

So the rules say I should pass this onto ten blogs that inspire me. I have a comparitively small blogroll though, so I'm just going to highlight the most inspiring blogs I read...

Vixen Vintage
Solanah is stylish of course, but also endearingly sweet.

Millie Motts
Vintage magazine inspiration - can't get enough of it!

Twila Jean
Vintage mama extrodinaire.

Islay Makes
My sister's blog on green living, crafts and vintage buttons. She inspires me to try and organise my life.

Wearing History
Beautiful repro vintage patterns that are coming very close to inspiring me to take up sewing.

Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing
Erudite and eloquent, Gertie always has interesting things to say on fashion and vintage, plus she sews cool stuff.

Dizzy Dame
Love her photography style and post-processing - inspiring stuff.

Already Pretty
I just love the overriding "love yourself" message that Sal manages to project without sounding like a self-help manual.


  1. You two look so cute together :)
    I'm going go check out some of those blogs, they sound ace!
    Lottie x

  2. My, what a gorgeous baby. His mother must be beautiful. Ahem.


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