Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Quite Hatless (1946)

Loving these ideas for floral headdresses, perfect for warm days! Scanned from Everywoman magazine, July 1946

It's lovely to walk in the sun, hatless. But it's smarter to walk in the sun and be not quite hatless. Here are some ways of being hatted. Flowers, real or artificial, allied with scraps of ribbon, veiling and material, are all you need. You can have a fresh head-dress for every suit and frock, and change your flowers to match the minute - crisp for the office, dramatic for a special evening date. A little ingenuity and some bright ideas, like the five which are illustrated here, and you'll never be entirely hatless.

My take, as seen yesterday and previously:

Hair flowers, H&M; Cardigan, estate; Earrings, home-made from vintage buttons; Necklace and brooch, gifts.

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