Friday, April 2, 2010

Thirteenth Day

It's the thirteenth day of Persian New Year. The Persian year starts at the beginning of spring (which seems a more logical time for New Year than midwinter, to be honest), and on the 13th day Iranians celebrate Sizdah-Bedar, the festival of nature. It's traditional to celebrate on this day by spending time outdoors in nature. We visited Matin's friend Hossein, and took a trip out to Hampton Court park to watch the sunset over Long Water. Then Hossein cooked a traditional Iranian dish, Zereshk Pollo Ba Morgh (chicken in tomato sauce, and rice with dried barberries fried in butter and sugar) - delicieux!


  1. That sounds wonderful! I agree, the new year -should- start at the beginning of spring! Lovely pics!!

  2. Persian food is like crazy delicious, isn't it? so spiceful and fragrant. I love that Persian New Year begins on the first day of spring. It is also my birthday, so I am selfishly biased a bit, but I agree that that springs seems like a far more logical time to declare a fresh start!
    melina bee


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