Sunday, May 16, 2010

I want this sweater

Okay, I've been trying not to buy into the whole Emma Pillsbury style cult, buuuuttt, I really really want this sweater!

But obviously since it's been featured on Glee it's not to be had for love nor money, so I'd best just content myself with looking at the pictures.


  1. Episode/Friends of Couture in melbourne has some -really- similarly styled sweaters and cardigans! From time to time they list knitwear on their ebay store. There was one in almost that exact style, except with mary poppins instead of the Eiffel tower!

  2. My sister was watching glee today, and those were exactly my thoughts!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Cute!!!


  4. God me too! The sweaters from Forever 21 but it sold out months ago! Ive been scouring ebay hoping one comes up but no such luck! x

  5. Hi, I just was at the store I mentioned today - they actually have a cardigan with the same Eiffel tower pattern on it! (Just none of the red collar details). If you are interested, it's $60 AUD (our dollar is pretty sad at the moment, I'm sure it'd work out to be a bargain), and I can pick one up and mail it to you if you'd like? Just let me know what size you'd like (S, M or L) and I can get it when I next go to uni and invoice you for it + postage costs.

    Link to a dodgy camera phone image here:

    Sorry about the terrible image resolution - the store doesn't like people taking photos inside so I had to do it all ninja-like.


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