Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sponsored Walk

As I mentioned before, I am planning to participate in a 40 mile charity walk for Action Medical Research. Our second training walk - 22 miles - was on Sunday.

The weather was beautiful (people who aren't from the UK may feel I go on about sunshine a lot, but remember that this is Britain, and it does tend to live up to its repuation regarding the weather, so every sunshiney day is like a gift!). But I'm telling you, walking 22 miles is hard. The first ten miles were fine. But at 11 miles my shoes were starting to pinch. At 14 I started to get blisters. By 16 I was struggling to keep up the pace of 3mph. Long story short, by 22 miles I could barely walk! I'm still limping today (I pulled something in my knee, I think).

So please, make this worthwhile - please sponsor our team, the Halcrow Wanderers (Halcrow is Matin's work).

Action Medical Research relies entirely on donations to fund a range of research projects that address serious childhood conditions and improve quality of life for children with disabilities.

You will also be supporting the Touching Tiny Lives appeal which is raising funds to help reduce premature birth and improve care of sick and vulnerable babies. Your support will help continue this potentially life-saving work.

Please sponsor us - all donations, small or large, will be very gratefully received. Thank you!

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