Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poll: When you can't find exactly what you want...


When you have your wishlist, but you can't find exactly what you want in vintage (the perfect red cardigan, say, or the sailor playsuit you need for summer) do you:

a) Settle for something vintage that's not really right but close enough
b) Thrift something that's closer to what you had in mind, but modern
c) Buy the garment of your dreams brand new, full price
d) Hold out for just the right thing to come up vintage, no matter how long it takes
e) Search out a suitable pattern and some fabric and sew it yourself

Just out of interest...


  1. If I have something I desperately want, I won't have the patience for thrifting (especially if it is not guaranteed that I'll find something!) I'd either buy a modern repro or sew it myself, depending on the relative costs/availability of the right design/pattern/fabric. And how lazy I am! Sometimes it is hard to convince myself to put in the hard yards when I can buy a decent repro for about the same price.

  2. I sew it myself- always! I buy my patterns on sale for 99cents and always use a 50% off coupon for fabric at the craft store so most of handmade dresses cost under $20! I have never bought a repro because they are just way too expensive compared to the cost of making it myself. The only wish list items that I have paid full price for are my bakelite bangles and my new Swirl dress.

  3. I will nearly always sew it for myself, sometimes if I'm desperate and can't find a pattern I combine aspects of different patterns to get what I want! Although it's always frustrating when you can't find quite the right fabric you envisioned. Sometimes I will go for a modern retro version if I can find it.

  4. I wouldn't sew a cardigan. Maybe knit if I was super inspired, but if I wanted it for a specific occasion I'd just buy it new, or wherever I happened to find it. My view with vintage is if I want it bad enough, it WILL come to me...and so far, things always have. From a vanity to a starburst clock. Its just about patience.

  5. I would probably buy it brand new, just because I lack sewing skills and patience... not proud to admit that either =)


  6. I would say depending on the item it would be either D or E. What about you?
    Lottie x

  7. I do a little of each depending on the situation. haha.

  8. I think the question I was aiming for really, was would you rather wear vintage even when it's not *exactly* right or may take a while to find, or are you just as happy with modern clothes if they look right?

    I also realised I didn't actually answer my own question!

    My own approach is usually to buy whichever comes to me first! If it's not too expensive, I'll buy something that's close-to-right while I'm waiting for exactly-right to come along - I can always sell it at that point.

    On the second question, I suppose I am a bit of a "vintage snob" - if there are two garments that fit the bill, one vintage and one modern, I'd go for the vintage even if it were a bit more expensive (as long as it was still within my budget). BUT if I have an exact style in mind, and I've got a choice of a, b or c, I'd probably go for whichever is closest to the picture in my mind, regardless of age or price (again, so long as it was within my budget).

    Meanwhile, I'm going to try and take up sewing (I'll be cutting the pattern pieces for a Swirl wrap dress today - figured that would be an easy one to start with), so hopefully I can start leaning towards e!

  9. I go for d and e. Never settle! It's taken me years to find some of the fab things in my closet, and I'm still looking for a lot of things to add to it (perfect black suit!). But when I find just what I'm looking for, at the price I want it at, it's a great, accomplished feeling!



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