Sunday, June 13, 2010

Basket of Cherries

Yesterday's outfit: Basically a summertime reworking of an outfit I wore back in February - yes, one set of clothes really can see you through the year, for those of us who don't have Solanah's extensive wardrobe (yes I am jealous). The stylish addition of a knee support is because I still haven't recovered from the 22-mile walk three weeks ago.

I embellished the 1950s wicker handbag myself with vintage millinery cherries, inspired by one I saw on etsy (which was about $45 plus postage, if I recall; I paid less than $30 for my version, all in).


  1. Oh how cute! I just got my first straw purse for summer, I plan on tying a scarf around the handle to jazz it up a bit, but I love this cherry idea!


  2. I adore this outfit. Very pretty! I especially love the cherries.



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