Thursday, June 24, 2010

Channeling Marilyn

A trip to West Wittering beach with my sister and nephew this morning provided an opportunity to try out a Marilyn style red polka dot umbrella beach photoshoot. I don't have a white swimsuit, as in Marilyn's original shoot, but this 1950s red Tweka suit arrived the other day and fits rather nicely! (And yes, the other beachgoers did think I was loopy as I pranced about in vintage swimwear, dashing back and forth to the tripod to set the timer!)

Following from my reminiscences a couple of days ago, and my painted planes post yesterday, I was pondering this afternoon on the origins of my affection for pin-up. It's been with me for as long as I can remember - we have a vintage "Pin-up Girl" arcade game in our hallway at home, which came with my stepfather, and which I always loved. Also from his collection was a framed set of vintage cigarette cards featuring early Elvgren pin-ups. So maybe it's down to you, Roger!

More photos on my Flickr.

Vintage Florida postcards from Old Postcards set by SteveM_61 on Flickr.


  1. so beautiful! and that swimsuit is LOVELY!

  2. Fabulous, I love the swimsuit and I *need* an umbrella like that in my life. The Marilyn image is one of my favourite pin-up photos ever.


  3. No pictures of your beautiful nephew? Pah! Good thing I posted some :)

  4. I'm sure the other beachgoers were just jealous, you look amazing!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. How lovely! All these summer pictures are going up on blogs now, I am jealous!

  6. yey!! I'm going to have to photograph me in my suit really soon. . .I've had it since February!! Your suit is gorgeous!!

  7. Gorgeous! i'm really missing the beach right now.


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