Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cherries and Checks

When I pulled this dress out to wear I was thinking about accessorising with pink for a change. But the latest addition to my growing collection of cherry hats arrived the other day (PS, Mark, Matin already knows so you can't dob me in!), so I decided to give that a spin (ok so it's a re-run of Saturday's theme, but who says you can't do cherries and checks twice in one week?). It's a Mr. John Jr toque with celluloid cherries, leaves, blossoms and velvet bows all around the brim. Because it's a junior hat it's actually too small even for my little head, so after playing around with tilting it this way and that I bundled my hair up into a sort of chignon thing and pinned the hat over it. I'm rather pleased - I think it's got a sort of Switzerland / Heidi look about it.

Because of the super bright sunshine (check out that blue sky!) my outdoor outfit photos came up ultra contrasty, so I took a couple of indoor ones too so you can see the hat a bit better.

1940s hat, ebay; Dress, Primark, via ebay; Belt, purchased in Thailand; Vintage carved rose brooch, boot fair.


  1. that is just so super cute!

  2. You have the most beautiful wardrobe, I love this dress!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Thanks Carys! It's actually Primark (just edited the post with details of the outfit), so you can probably find one on ebay! (in fact this one was actually meant to go on ebay - that's what I bought it for - but I ended up keeping it, as is so often the way)


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