Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finding Myself

I've had this topic for a post vaguely on my mind for some time - a little background on my love for vintage.

Funnily enough, I started selling vintage clothes before I got into actually wearing them. I decided a very long time ago that trousers don't work for my body shape, so I've lived in skirts most of my life. I've also had a lifelong interest with fashion history, ever since the fascination with Victorian dress which started when I was nine.

I started out selling vintage on ebay with my Mama. She used to run an antique shop, and when she closed the shop (to look after my grandmother) she still had a lot of stock. This was mostly homewares and curiosities, but also included some clothing and accessories.

Although by then I had long loved the 1950s look, and had developed a vaguely retro influenced wardrobe, I didn't have the confidence to dress in vintage. I even sold some pieces which would have ended up in my wardrobe today (nothing so spectacular I regret selling them, thankfully!).

Gradually, though, my style absorbed more and more vintage influences, until eventually (inspired in part by various vintage bloggers) I decided to ignore my inhibitions and follow my heart to 'go vintage'. Since then, developing my vintage style has coincided with huge personal development. I've gained confidence, and feel more settled than ever before; I feel like vintage has helped me to find a clear direction in life. Without wishing to gush that "vintage has given my life meaning," it actually kind of has!

So anyway, on to the outfit! I went full-on late 40s with the dress, hair style and sandals - then mixed it up a bit, adding a cheeky touch of kitsch in the pink retro TV earrings.

40s two-piece dress, TMHL on etsy; Earrings, purchased in Thailand; Shoes, M&S; Hair flower, H&M.


  1. I love your outfit, that dress is beautiful and the flower is so nice!! You've so perfectly articulated exactly what wearing vintage is like for me now, it's sort of given me an identity (even if that identity is 'yeah, she's the one with the weird clothes'). It's interesting that you sold vintage before you wore it, it's usually the other way around...
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Very Cute dress. You look great!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! I am the same way- always had a love for historical fashions and vintage styles- more in the victorian era..unfortunately corsets and bustles aren't very practical for daily wear, so I went vintage (40's) instead! :) I LOVE that dress! Gorgeous print!! xoxo

  4. Such a fabulous post. Incredibly inspiring. I think maybe I'm on the same path. I have long been fascinated by the past, especially fashion. My mother used to say I was born in the wrong decade! My wardrobe is more and more heavily influenced by vintage fashions and I feel my best and most attractive in these sorts of outifts but I just haven't quite got the courage or confidence to go fully vintage. I'm still learning I guess, from wonderful blogs such as your own.

    The outift is stunning and I love the earrings! xxx

  5. Wow, nice to know how you arrived at vintage. I dislike wearing trousers as well and pretty much always wear skirts and dresses these days...that is a glorious dress by the way!

  6. that dress is amazing. that is really awesome that you sold clothes with your mom on ebay.

  7. This does seem to be a common theme among bloggers and vintage ladies, I desperately wanted the dresses from Calamity Jane when I was about 8 or 9, then it was Regency after reading Pride and Prejudice. But my more 30's wardrobe is much more wearable/practical! Great post thanks for sharing! X


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