Friday, June 25, 2010

I dreamed a dream

Some of the things that have featured in my dreams in the last week or so - talk about vintage on the brain! Liquid eyeliner I've had on my mind because I need to buy a new one. The feedsack dream was good - in it I found a whole bunch of vintage feedsacks in a charity shop. The tattoo one was last night and it was less good. I have a feeling I also dreamt recently about a vintage blogger, but now I can't remember who it was (and even if I could, it would probably seem pretty stalkerish to confess I'd dreamt about her!). Do you remember once I also dreamt I was a time traveller? And I've dreamt about finding vintage hidden gems on more than one occasion. I think I may be obsessed...

Is it just me? Do you dream in vintage?


  1. HAHA! I totally drift off to sleep dreaming of vintage. I must admit I had a vintage nightmare one night. It involved me going into a local thrift store and finding ALL my own wardrobe for sale on the racks! Apparently, someone in my nightmare world had donated my whole collection without my permission. Literally, that was one of the worst dreams EVER (clearly I have a problem when this is more scary to me than anything else!)

  2. ahh... Its such a relief I am not the only person who has dreams of vintage shopping or tattoos hehe.


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