Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Women at war - with themselves (1943)

During the war, with all the chaps away at the front, feminism took a great leap forward. This is an interesting article discussing the 1940s attitude, most particularly women's internal struggle between the call of home and career.

Woman's instinct to submit, to serve (and in some cases to wait on hand and foot), to believe men 'superior', has stopped her from reaching her status as equal citizen.

Any one who has read the literature of Women's Suffrage can read between the lines a struggle far deeper, far more bitter, far more significant: it is woman's personal struggle against the instinct to submit.

One thing I am sure of: Women must rid themselves of the slave mentality, and the belief that there is something sacred in submission and ignorance and stupidity.

We are at the crossroads. The choice is not between a new world and the land of our fathers. Our path leads forward -- or back into the Dark Ages.

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  1. I've only just skimmed that article, but it looks really fascinating...and in some ways foreshadows the complex post-war gender dynamics (written about by Betty Friedan), which resulted in women, who had tasted autonomy, socio-economic freedom, and so forth while men were away at war, now being expected to be completely fulfilled by fully domesticated lives as happy housewives. Such an important but, to many, a very trying period in women's history. Thanks for this!


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