Sunday, July 25, 2010

Car Booty

We usually go to the car boot sale at Ford - it's a good one there, always interesting for a browse, but the sellers are mainly dealers so prices tend to be quite high (although last week I picked up a vintage 50s/60s doll's wooden bed, wardrobe and dressing table for the grand price of £2). We had a lie-in yesterday and went instead today to the one at Fontwell Park, which was very succesful! There were some real bargains to be had, and I came home with a good haul for not too many pounds expenditure - definitely worth getting up at 7:30 for! I got...
  • A red enamel kettle.
  • Two clocks - circa 1940s I guess. The dark one is bakelite! I don't know how to make it work though. I plugged the white one in though and it works.
  • a pair of Midwinter side plates, which I photographed with another couple of side plates I bought at a boot fair a few weeks back that they happen to match up with pretty well.
  • A box of hankies, including these adorable days of the week designs.
  • A whole stack of vintage buttons on cards.


  1. Wow, I never have that much luck at car boot sales!


  2. I have a red kettle just like that, with a cup to match!

    Love the buttons and clocks! What fun!

  3. Great finds - especially like the bowls and buttons :)


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