Friday, July 2, 2010


I've added a new design (polka dots & roses) and reduced the price of all my custom embellished shoes from $75 to $60 in my Etsy shop (£40 in my Ebay shop). I've also decided that my shoe designs need better names, so I'm challenging you to come up with suggestions. The winning names (chosen by me) will win a voucher for 50% off any pair of shoes in my store.

The contest will run for two weeks, until Friday 16th of July. You can email your suggestions to me or leave a comment below. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas!


  1. Ooh, I LOVE games like this!

    1. For Polka Dots and Roses: The Rose Parade
    2. For Cherry Aid: Cherry Tartlet
    3. For Feeling Fruity: The Carmen
    4. For Rockabilly Bride: Cherries in Cream
    5. For Ruby Slippers: The Suzy Saloon
    6. For Punk Pirate: Rowdy Rouge

    that was fun! thanks!

  2. 1.Cherry Aid- Do the "Bing Swing"
    2.Rockabilly Bride-Cherry Cheesecake
    3.Feeling Fruity-Cherry Bomb-Shell
    4.Ruby Slippers- We're Not in Kansas Anymore
    5.Punk Pirate- The Jolly Rosie
    6.Polka dots and Roses-Pin-up Petals

  3. 1. Run-Around Sue Shoes
    2. With Cherries and Bows On Top Shoes
    3. No Place Like Home Shoes
    4. Boop-Boop-Be-Boop shoes
    5. Super Star No Matter Who You Are Shoes

    looks like someone named the last one since the pictures isn't there for me!


I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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