Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Frolic in the Dunes

Sorry about the lack of updates lately - I mislaid my camera card reader so haven't been able to download any of my recent photos, but today I bit the bullet and bought a new one, so I can share again.


Loving my rather fabulous retro pin-up shorts! This is another of the things I had made in Thailand, and probably one of the most successful. The fabric I sourced myself when I went shopping in Bangkok's garment district, and they made the shorts to my specifications. (Which, by the way, is my top tip for getting clothes tailored in Thailand - you have to be very definite and precise in your requirements, insist on several fittings. They still probably won't get it 100% spot on, but if you're creatively challenged it's a great affordable way of getting repro vintage made to measure).

Matin took me to West Wittering yesterday for a little beach photoshoot. It was really windy (great for the windsurfers who were out), but except for my hair roll getting blown about I'm pleased with the way the pics came out.

Pin-up shorts, made in Thailand; Shirt, made in Thailand on a previous trip (but doesn't fit properly across the bust - giving me a lesson in the necessity of assertiveness and multiple fittings when getting stuff made); Camisole, M&S; Hair flower, H&M or New Look - I forget.


  1. Hi Charlotte - I just found your blog and am enjoying it a lot! I love your pinup shorts, and you had the perfect place for a photo shoot! Can't wait to see more of your made-in-Thailand wardrobe!


  2. SUPER BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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