Saturday, July 3, 2010

Make Do and Mend for July

Make do and mend features from wartime issues of Everywoman magazine, with tips for making undies from scraps, making a pair out of a single glove, reworking old clothes, improvising hats, and - my personal favourite - using leftover fabric from a blouse to trim shorts and jacket for a fashionable beach ensemble.

I'm challenging myself to employ at least one of these tips this month. I challenge you, too!

July 1942

July 1943

July 1945

Make Do and Mend is a regular monthly feature of this blog, taking scans from my stack of 1940s magazines.


  1. I love these posts. The full color magazine scans are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! They're so inspiring! xoxo

  2. Thanks for this. It inspires me to be a bit more creative with what's already in my closet.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac


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