Saturday, July 10, 2010

McQueen and Me

Steve McQueen and I have both hung out at the Le Mans circuit. He was filming the 1971 movie-documentary Le Mans, an action-packed adventure storyline set against and entwined with the famous 24 hour race. I was there for the Le Mans Classic event, which is a celebration of the history of the race and automobilia in general.

Anyway, thanks mainly to that movie, but also because the man was a total petrolhead who could have pursued a career in motor racing had he not gone into acting, Le Mans has a strong link to Steve McQueen. Some of the equipment used in filming the movie - which he partly financed himself - were on display at the track.

The classic event is held over a full weekend (more photos to come). I went full-on rockabilly hotrod for the day of the actual race - I was going for a chequered flag themed outfit, get it? I even attempted proper victory rolls instead of my usual single roll plus hair flower (mostly because I was forced to as I forgot the flower!). Anyway it seemed to go down well - I even got photographed by the photographer for BMW France, next to the BMW stand.

Dress, Primark via ebay; Umbrella, New Look; Bangles, H&M (I think); Belt, hand-me-down from my sister.


  1. Very cool! Love your whole look! My dad was famous (in the tiny city I'm from) for being a Steve McQueen look-a-like :)

  2. You look so perfectly vintage next to that car!! I love your dress!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue


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