Monday, July 19, 2010

Pink Flamingo

When I wore this flamingo dress before I was taken with the notion of getting a pink feather cocktail hat to go with it. I had in my mind something like the pink feather hat Lettice Protheroe wears in one scene of the Miss Marple mystery Murder at the Vicarage (the whole episode is available in 10 parts on youtube - the hat shows up at the end of part 8 / beginning of part 9). I browsed etsy and ebay over a period of several weeks, but never really found what I was picturing. Eventually I came across Janine Basil's designs in her etsy shop and contacted her to ask if she might be able to do a pink version of her feather fascinator (which was the closest affordable thing I'd found to the image in my head), and she said she could! So yay, now I have my flamingo hat!

Plus it can be worn two ways - the first time I wore it with the feathers pointing upwards over the crown, and this time I turned it round to have the feathers cascading downards to frame my face. Add a victory roll on the side, and that's an easy retro look.

I got the cardigan at the car boot sale on Saturday (along with various other goodies including another vintage toy tea set - this one has nursery rhyme illustrations on, so cute!) and it's just perfect. Exactly the right length to hit the waist, exactly the right size, cute little short sleeves, and just the right sunshine yellow to wear with this dress (which has a yellow tulle underskirt, but you can't see that). Yes, I love this outfit.

Mr Matin drove me out to Lavant for a little country stroll and photoshoot. It's a lane on a route he goes cycling with his buddies, and he said that whenever they go there he thinks of how much I would like it as a photo location! Just shows how far my blogging is integrated into our lives haha :) His photography skills are improving too - every shot was in focus! Hence the rather photo-heavy post...

Feather hat, Janine Basil (she's not sponsoring me or anything, I just really love her designs); Flamingo Dress, H&M via ebay; Vintage cardigan, car boot sale; Vintage glass bead necklace, can't remember (probably the attic); Pink pineapple earrings, purchased in Thailand; Vintage lucite daisy brooch, Squirrel Antiques; Vintage peeptoe shoes, ebay; Wicker purse (customised by me), Uglysanta.


  1. Loveeee the brick wall in these shots. You are lovely! Wearing the hat in different ways is so nice!

  2. What a lovely idea! The hat works so well with that outfit.
    -Andi x


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