Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things the 1940s seamstress would know #56

I've finally started work on my Big Apple Dress! This is my first time working with a vintage pattern (and my first actual sewing project in about ten years). I've heard that sewing with vintage patterns can be harder than with modern ones, as they assume a level of knowledge and competence that was standard back in the day but doesn't tend to come naturally to the modern girl. The 1940s seamstress, for example, would know whether this instructive diagram shows the right or wrong side of the fabric. Three attempts later, I think I've got it the right way round! I decided to have the pleats facing outwards - that seemed best.


  1. Yes, I've had a look at some vintage patterns and they seem to assume prior knowledge, unlike our "hold you by the hand step by step patterns"!

    But for the complete beginner instructions like "shirr sleeves" or "set sleeve heads" is so not helpful!!

    It is so cool that you are giving a 40s pattern a whirl though. It is my favourite decade! :D

    b. of Depict This!

  2. yey!!!!!! I want a watermellon dress myself. . .because Doris Day had one.

  3. oooh please send me a picture of the watermelon dress? I've tried googling but with no luck. I've got some fabulous fruity print cotton from Thailand that's waiting for a project.


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