Sunday, July 4, 2010

Travelling Light

Tomorrow I'm off to France for a week - I'm going to the Dordogne region, where my brother lives. I'm v excited! First step: packing, my least favourite activity. I was hoping to be able to travel with hand luggage only to avoid paying the extra £10 for the priviledge of carrying a bag (HATE Flybe's stealth charges), but I may have to cave since the hand luggage maximum dimensions are 50cm x 35cm x 20cm, barely leaving room for a week's worth of underwear, let alone clothes, accessories and camera! All the same, I'll try and pack light, following this helpful advice from Everywoman magazine July 1949:

  • Bra and shorts and that snappy swim suit are all you'll need for the sea
  • Uncrushable wrap-over skirt and full, casuall jigger coat
  • Gay, printed housecoat for relaxing after a long day
  • Walking in hot weather may cause swollen feet: pack some house shoes
  • Blouse for the wrap-over skirt and jumper for the cooler days
  • Make-up safe in towel and box
  • Scarves are easier to pack and much cooler than a hat
  • Clean undies will keep you cool: nylon needs no iron


  1. I am just so jealous, France sounds absolutely lovely!! Have an amazing time!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Saving this for the next time I go on a weekend trip! Have fun in France!

  3. Have fun you lucky duck! This is brilliant! thanks for sharing


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